Get the support, accountability, & guidance you need with a
Christ-centered focus.

In-Person Training

One-on-One (1hr)
One-on-One (1/2hr)
Group Sessions (2-4 people)
Brick-by-Brick Bootcamp
Rock Solid Bootcamp

Online Programming

Nutrition Consulting
Online Programming
Online Programming + Nutrition Consulting
Online Powerlifting Programming
*All online programs require a 3-month minimum commitment

Service Descriptions

Bootcamps & Classes

Rock Solid – Fundamentals of Powerlifting: Registration is now open. Click here to learn more.

Brick-by-Brick Bootcamp: Registration is open for our 2023 Transformation Challenge taking place January 9-March 31. Click here to learn more.

In-Person Training

Whether in-home or at the gym, my personal training sessions are customized for your equipment availability, activity level, and goals. Before you even pick up a weight, we’ll complete a comprehensive movement analysis, review your goals, and talk strategy. Sessions are designed to be safe, effective, and fun. We will challenge your comfort level while ensuring you stay safe and pain-free. From Day 1 I want this to be a partnership. I am here to help you achieve your goals and give you all the support, resources, accountability, and positivity you can stand!

Nutrition Consulting

Struggling to know what to eat to fuel your body, boost your energy levels, and help you meet your health goals?

Food is an amazing resource that is designed to support your body. Let’s create a plan that supports your lifestyle and helps you achieve your goals – whether that is losing weight, gaining weight, or simply learning the fundamentals of how to create a balanced lifestyle focused on long-term sustainability.

My custom nutrition programs include:

  • Custom macronutrient recommendations
  • Monitoring of your MyFitnessPal account and activity
  • Meal Plan Examples
  • Habit monitoring and accountability reminders
  • Private Support via Voxer
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • One Zoom Call per Month

Let me show you how to avoid the all-or-nothing mentality by giving you the knowledge, tools, & resources you need to make sure your nutrition plan fits within your lifestyle – now & forever!

Online Programming

Are you an experienced lifter ready to take your performance or physique goals to the next level? Make the most of your time in the gym with a custom training or nutrition program. All programs include a comprehensive program tailored to your goals (no cookie-cutter plans here), detailed program overview, weekly check-ins, and real-time data relay so I can stay up-to-date with all your progress and make any revisions necessary. Whether it’s stepping on the bodybuilding stage or the powerlifting platform, or just training to be your best self – online programming gives you the tools, resources, knowledge, and accountability you need to take you all the way to the top!

My custom workout programs include:

  • Custom training programs
  • Habit monitoring and accountability reminders
  • Private Support via Voxer
  • Weekly Check-ins on progress via email
  • One Zoom Call a month

All programs allow you access to me for support, resources, and accountability. Coaching is a daily relationship, not a one-time transaction. I am invested in the lives and health of my clients and will do my very best to help you reach your goals with your safety and long-term health in mind.

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