Foundations Fitness February Class Schedule

B3: Brick-by-Brick Bootcamp – Wichita’s Premier Women-Only Bootcamp led by Coach Kate Jones
Rock Solid: Basics of Powerlifting for Women led by Coach Kate Jones
Intensati ICT: Created in NYC, Intensati is a revolutionary cardio class that combines simple choreography with spoken positive affirmations. Think kickboxing meets dance meets yoga and you have a workout like no other – one for the body, the mind, and the soul! Contact Elizabeth Cochran via Facebook.
Bootcamp w/Femme Fitness: Contact Stephanie Cline via Instagram
S4R: Strength for Runners – Contact Hanna Rosov
Group Strength w/MissFit Strength – Contact Stephany Carter
Group Strength w/Forte Fitness – Contact Andrea Gardner
Strength, CrossFit, or Technique – Contact Devin Roberts
FREE Super Bowl Sunday Kickoff Workout – Contact Sara Rowland

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