2023 Transformation Challenge

This Challenge is for you if you are…

Tired of trying to do it on your own
Looking to dramatically change your physique in 2023
Done trying every quick fix in the book
Willing to do the work to have the body of your dreams
Motivated to change

“Alright, Kate you have my attention, but how is this challenge different from all the others?” 🤔

I’m so glad you asked…


You talked – I listened!
You said what you want most in a transformation challenge is a custom nutrition plan targeted at achieving your unique & individual goals.

So now you can choose the plan that best fits your personality:

A. Flexible dieting/Macro counting
B. Habits-based/Food List
C. Customized Meal Plan


The AMAZING bootcamp classes you’ve come to know & love
with a flexible schedule & multiple options to fit your needs & budget

Choose from:
A. 1x/Week
B. Unlimited Classes
C. Virtual Workouts

Class Schedule

Mondays at 5:30pm (Groundwork*)
Tuesdays/Thursdays at 9am & 6pm
Wednesdays at 6am (Groundwork*)

*GROUNDWORK is a specific workout style where you’ll get to choose a lift you want to focus on for 6 weeks, along with accessory movements. It focuses on proper form, lifting technique, & progressive overload.

Tuesday/Thursday classes will be a combination of circuit training, core & cardio blasts, & traditional strength training.


You said challenges in the past have lacked accountability & motivation…
Not here, friends!

You’ll enjoy:
+ A private Facebook accountability group
+ Weekly group check-ins
+ Monthly one-on-one check-ins with yours truly
+ All the motivational coach pep talks you can stand!

“Ok, what else you got?”


  • Free intake interview during ramp-up week (Jan 2-6) to make sure you are set up for success
  • Informational session with Hanna Rosov of Wichita Strength & Fitness covering all things menopause & hormones
  • Hands-on back pain clinic with Dr. Allison Bullinger of Natural Wellness Physiotherapy
  • Q&A with Dr. Paula Goddard talking all things pelvic floor health


💰Winners will receive💰

1st Place: $500
2nd Place: $350
3rd Place: $150

Winners will be chosen by a panel of 3 impartial judges & will be based on multiple factors such as inches/pounds lost, progress pictures, mindset growth, strength gains, & more.


From the options below, choose what best fits your needs, goals, & budget.
All I ask is for a 3-month commitment to achieving your goals.

In-Person Options
1x/week: $125/mo or Paid-in-Full $300
Unlimited Classes: $175/mo or Paid-in-Full $450

Virtual Options
$125/mo or Paid-in-Full $300

Add On Options
24/7 Gym Access: $49/mo
One-on-one Nutrition: $149/mo


Limited spots available

Registration closes January 5 or
when 30 spots are filled!



  hours  minutes  seconds


Registration Ends

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